What is interaction?

EVENT PARTNER asked agencies what the term “interaction” means to them.

You can read the statement of our Senior Innovation Manager Jens Oppermann below or in the current print edition (03.18) of EVENT PARTNER.


INTERACTION // Agency survey

For me, as a creative lead in the field of Digital Experience, the term “interaction” is all about the interplay of real and digital: the way in which events are augmented and interwoven with digital elements increases the level of interaction of guests with brands, products, services and of course each other. It opens up numerous new possibilities for interaction: augmented reality makes the invisible visible, creates new insights, perfectly fuses real and digital. Digital tools, such as image and speech recognition or smart devices, function as “boosters” for communication: for example, live data sparks off discussions among guests, which become the starting point for new approaches. In short: “digital” does not stand in the way of real interaction and experiences – on the contrary: live experiences feed off interaction – digital AND real.

- Jens Oppermann

Senior Innovation Manager, STAGG & FRIENDS