"The way to new work!"

It wasn’t just a move. For STAGG & FRIENDS it’s the dawn of a new era.

We have finally boarded the STAGG EXPERIENCE.HUB. Starting today, our anchorage is the heritage-protected pump house, part of the world-famous architectural icon the “Wolkenbügel” in Düsseldorf’s Media Harbour. Alongside a fabulous view of the harbour basin and the Rhine Tower, the pump house offers a loft-like 1,500.00 sm of space for free development.

Our internally developed concept for the STAGG EXPERIENCE.HUB unites our individual requirements for an interpersonal, highly discursive and communicative working atmosphere which focuses on an inspiring, open and autonomous agency culture. In addition, the STAGG EXPERIENCE.HUB offers agile workplace structures, collaborative innovation technologies, relaxing retreats, a creative studio area and the agency’s own deli.

However, one thing remains the same: from the STAGG EXPERIENCE.HUB, our more than 50-strong team continues to create the most extraordinary brand and product experiences and corporate events worldwide. For Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Henkel, Porsche, Volkswagen and many more.