STAGG & FRIENDS @ Silicon Valley

This year too, together with other leading German agencies, we took the GWA educational tour in Silicon Valley. 

The multi-day programme consisted of an absolute plunge into the depths of the world’s most important IT and high-tech location: Stanford University, Google Headquarters, B8ta, Facebook Headquarters, Instagram, Flurry, Singularity University and many other exciting topics were on the agenda. 

Apart from the Californian lifestyle, we above all learnt that artificial intelligence and machine learning will change brand and product experiences exponentially and at lightning speed, catapulting into a new era. 

Fascinating impressions, best cases and personal discussions with the leaders of Silicon Valley thus give us, as a pacemaker for live communication, further important know-how which enables us to accompany our customers competently and creatively on the way to a new economic order.