STAGG & FRIENDS creates diverse ideas for Volvo

The launching of new vehicle models and the development of new target groups on the German market is always a challenge for automotive manufacturers. To perform this task successfully, Volvo Car Germany relies on intensive training of its sales organisation. The company is placing its bets on the expertise of the live communication specialists at STAGG & FRIENDS to provide brand and product training in preparation for the market launch of the new Volvo S9 and Volvo V90 models.

The Düsseldorf team is holding a comprehensive training event before the market launch of the new premium models Volvo S90 (sedan) and Volvo V90 (station wagon), which also includes a business meeting to provide a look back at the fiscal year and a look ahead to prospects as they stand in midyear. More than 800 entrepreneurs, managing directors, salespersons, and service consultants of the German Volvo dealer organisation will be training from 4 - 9 July in Frankfurt/Main. In order to prepare the sales specialists specifically for the launch of the new top models, Volvo together with STAGG & FRIENDS will be relying on innovative training methods and an exclusive design of the premises – focusing on the key theme "Business class". This corresponds perfectly to the new premium standard and the automaker's strategic goals for the entire event. "In order to appeal to customers of the upper middle class, the entire trade organisation needs to understand how customers in this segment think and what they want – and how to convey the benefits of the brand and product to them in the sales meeting", says Göran Göhring, Managing Partner of STAGG & FRIENDS.

STAGG & FRIENDS has been supporting the Volvo brand in the area of brand and product experience for several years already and, since that time, has organised events at the Champions League level – such as dealer conferences, incentive trips and competitions.