"STAGG & FRIENDS creates a digital community experience."

On the occasion of the market launch of a fully electric powered vehicle, STAGG & FRIENDS is responsible for the design, realisation, and currently, for the implementation of the emotional and activating product staging.

The international participants experience the brand-new product features and highlights at the same time as 160 colleagues via virtual reality glasses. At the beginning of the staging, the participants individually select their own national language for the 360​​° tour via a programmed NFC chip which is integrated into their personal name tag. The digital experience then starts simultaneously on all 160 data glasses as a community experience. In the passenger seat - driven and steered by the responsible product manager - the participants meet virtually in the urban target group environment of Valencia. 

In addition to the staging, STAGG & FRIENDS has also been commissioned with the content design and logistic handling of the driving event in southern Europe.