International pitch success: STAGG & FRIENDS gains SEAT S.A. as new customer

Starting immediately, STAGG & FRIENDS is the lead agency responsible for training strategy and content in the sales training for the global launch of the new SEAT Ibiza. In addition, the agency is to develop and implement other major projects for SEAT S.A. until the end of 2018.

The Düsseldorf-based live communication agency STAGG & FRIENDS beat three renowned European competitors in a multi-stage, international pitch for the contract with the automotive manufacturer SEAT S.A., Martorell / Spain. The agency is now developing innovative training strategies and international training events aimed at improving the quality of consulting in the car dealerships and supporting SEAT’s sales.

STAGG & FRIENDS is responsible for the design and preparation of all content, and leads all the agencies involved in the projects. STAGG & FRIENDS was especially able to convince the global management of the automotive brand with its profound industry expertise, the innovative training strategy and the digital skills of its digital services team which was founded last year.

The first project of the Düsseldorf-based team for the international headquarters of SEAT is the development and implementation of the training strategy for the global launch of the new SEAT Ibiza: the ‘SEAT Central Launch Training Ibiza 2017’. The Central Launch Training is intended to provide sales and after-sales employees, business customer advisors and other sales-relevant target groups from the SEAT Group with training on the new model. The qualification programme starts with interactive online course which convey basic knowledge of the new SEAT Ibiza. After completion of the online courses, SEAT is then inviting over 6000 participants from 30 countries to a two-day training course in Tarragona. There, they will learn all about the new technologies and innovations in face-to-face panels and various information-stations, and experience the new SEAT Ibiza first hand in extensive test drives.

“Especially for automotive companies, global market launches are always a challenge. After all, it’s not just a matter of conveying facts about the vehicles, but also about making the brand messages and promises experienceable”, says Rubén Leites García, Account Director and expert of digital experiences at STAGG & FRIENDS. “Guaranteeing this consistently across numerous international markets is a real challenge for companies. Digitisation offers excellent opportunities to optimise sales and achieve this goal. In this way, live experiences become value-creating investments.”

For this, the digital brand & product experiences specialists at STAGG & FRIENDS develop innovative training formats and media as well as tools that accompany the trainees through the entire qualification programme. One element of this qualification programme is the training portal, which not only enables global access to the online courses, but is also the location of the SEAT Ibiza Challenge. Here, STAGG & FRIENDS pursue a gamification approach that motivates the international trainees to challenge themselves online and to compete in knowledge tests.

The highlight of the approximately 10-week qualification measure is the two-day live experience. Here, with the aid of iPad applications, the participants are guided through the workshops and provided with precise information during the test drives. Various tools provide the responsible coaches with running information on the learning progress of the participants. Jens Oppermann, Senior Innovation Manager at STAGG & FRIENDS explains: “The use of digital media in live experiences helps deliver exactly what the target group needs: relevant content.” By using iBeacon wristbands and an intelligent database solution, STAGG & FRIENDS provides the very different target groups with tailor-made, personalised training content at one and the same event. “This creates a very individual experience for the participants – the times of one-size-fits-all are gone.”

For the technical implementation of the online courses and the training portal, STAGG & FRIENDS has commissioned the Düsseldorf agency THIS, which also provids the design lead for the entire project. Another partner, the Duisburg-based team of Krankikom, is responsible for the entire development of the training apps, and with the agency IJsfontein, STAGG & FRIENDS has also secured a strong partner for the entire gamification approach and the supervision of the training media.
All the partners involved are under the direct leadership of Account Director Rubén Leites García.