"Audi TechDay piloted driving - automated driving at level 3."

Home match for STAGG & FRIENDS – With the "TechDay Piloted Driving”, AUDI AG presents the AI traffic jam pilot in the new Audi A8.

With almost 10 million inhabitants, the metropolitan region Rhine-Ruhr is an absolute guarantee for traffic jams at certain times and on previously defined routes. Where better to stage the new Audi AI traffic jam pilot for selected press representatives?

With the airship hangar at the airport Essen/ Muelheim, we researched the ideal location, with an optimum connection to the airport Duesseldorf for the arrival of the guests.

Within the framework of the two-week event, Audi experts conveyed the automated driving at level 3 to the international journalists in one-to-one sessions. By means of mixed reality exhibits, an accompanied drive with the developer at the main rush hour times, and an escalation scenario at the Essen/ Muelheim airport – here the journalists were able to get behind the wheel themselves – it was already possible to experience the future of automated driving today.

STAGG & FRIENDS took over the entire implementation of this press event on behalf of Audi AG.